5 Sunset Spots in Cork

Unmissable Viewpoints in Co. Cork


County Cork, as the locals will never tire of telling you, is the most beautiful part of Ireland, and it’s hard to disagree, particularly when the sun is dipping below the Atlantic horizon on a clear evening. Yep, the sunsets here are hard to beat, and so we’ve rounded up five of the best spots for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

Galley Head Lighthouse, Rosscarbery
It’s hard not to love Rosscarbery, a tiny port town in West Cork. It’s even harder not to love the views from the Galley Head Lighthouse at the edge of the town. Perched atop sheer cliffs 130 feet above the Atlantic, the lighthouse offers stunning sunset views west and south. Indeed it was close to here that the Lusitania sank in 1915.
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Bunnyconnellan’s, Myrtleville

Set on top of rugged cliffs overlooking the Atlantic, Bunnyconnellan’s is as good a place as any to watch the sun set. Big bay windows offer stunning views, and there’s also an outdoor terrace if you can handle the wind. There’s a full menu on offer seven days a week, just make sure to book early if you want to grab that all important window seat.
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