Cork City Gaol


Cork is a city that is full of history and culture including some of Ireland’s top historical attractions so if you are looking to explore the best of Cork during your stay at The Dean, then check out Cork City Gaol. Located just 2km from Patrick Street, Cork City Gaol is a must visit for anyone who has an interest in Irish history. The magnificent castle-like building offers visitors a unique insight into the daily routine and life of Irish prisoners in the 19th century. 

Cork City Gaol was known for being an overcrowded prison with high walls which housed both male and female prisoners who committed crimes within the city boundary until its prison doors were shut for good in 1923.  Its place in Irish history did not end there though as in 1927, Radio Eireann began to broadcast Corks’ first radio station from the main building and it was used as a broadcasting station up until the end of the 1950s. The building was then allowed to become totally derelict until its restoration and reopening to the public as a historical attraction in 1993. 

Visitors can choose between a guided book tour or an audio tour when they arrive at Cork City Gaol. There are plenty of highlights for visitors to check out at this attraction including the historic ‘weighing chair’, the radio museum as well as viewing the incredible architecture and high walls of this historic Irish building. 

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